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Show us how your organization operates today and learn how AR and VR can help your business for tomorrow.


We provide you with recommended hardware and software providers for implementing your solution.


We will be there during your implementation to train users and leaders.

XR technology is being developed and adopted at an exponential rate and there is much reason to understand what these technologies can do for your organization.

Unlike specialized laboratory or manufacturing technologies, immersive tech can be thought of as a new way of experiencing and interacting with your world. Just like the computers that run them, there are XR applications for literally every single industry.

However, navigating such quickly developing technologies can be complicated, time intensive and expensive if incorrectly implemented.

Collaborative Edge Consulting helps you envision what is possible for your organization and how to make it a reality, along with the ROI you are looking for.

Here is how the process works:

Educate: We explore your processes from the office to the production floor. We then work to understand your dreams and goals, but also your human, financial and time constraints.

Navigate: From here, we provide a number of different options for implementation, including our vetted hardware and software solution providers.

Accelerate: We provide ongoing support as you get your XR system up and running.

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